DeBorah is a native New Yorker, who spent most of her career working with disenfranchised students throughout NYC.

Deborah was born and raised in Brooklyn. Her father was an alcoholic and abused her mother leading to her moving out with DeBorah and her younger brother.

As the years progressed her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s leading to disputes within the family on what would be best treatment for her. DeBorah wanted to take care of her mother while her family wanted to put her in a nursing home.

During this time DeBorah’s health deteriorated as well making it impossible for her to care for her mom.

Eventually DeBorah lost the fight with her family and her mother was put in a nursing home. Realizing that there was more alcohol abuse going on in the house and her mother was sent to a home; DeBorah decided to leave and chose to be homeless.

She fell on hard times, and she knew she needed help. She went to a local drop-in center to regain her hope and dignity. But she learned that Urban Pathways’ Olivieri Drop-In Center was offering more than a safe place.  

The Staff at Urban Pathways helped her get her benefits and put her back on track.

Today, DeBorah had her own apartment and serves as a community advocate for those without a home and as a chaplain. 

Learn more about the programs and services Urban Pathways provides that help homeless New Yorkers get back on their feet and achieve independence. 

DeBorah speaks on homelessness on a panel at the Right to the City Transatlantic Workshop
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Urban Pathways is a New York City-based, nonprofit organization that provides housing and support to homeless and at-risk adults throughout the New York Metropolitan area.  Urban Pathways serves more than 2,000 homeless individuals a year and provides transitional, extended stay and permanent housing to chronically homeless individuals.

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