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We advocate for the people we serve and our staff

How We HelpOur Advocacy

At Urban Pathways, we believe that improving the systems that impact our services, the people we serve, and our staff is a critical component of our work. In addition to our services, we also advocate for policies to destigmatize people experiencing homelessness and those affected by mental health conditions, increase access to housing and supportive services, and ensure a thriving human services workforce.

TENANT ADVOCACY PROGRAMSOur residents are our focus

Through Urban Pathways’ Advocacy Program, the people we serve can build skills needed to effectively advocate, learn about government and how policies are made, discuss current events, and participate in advocacy campaigns. Urban Pathways provides opportunities for the people we serve to meet with elected officials and harness the power of their experiences to have an impact on public policy.

Urban Pathways is also increasing opportunities for those we serve to have a voice, build confidence and leadership skills, and foster community through Tenant Associations and Resident Advisory Boards at our residences.

Our Campaigns

  • #JustPay

    Urban Pathways is a proud member of the #JustPay Campaign. As the primary funder of our services, New York City and State governments also drive the wages for our workforce, which are some of the lowest in New York’s economy. Led by our partners at the Human Services Council, over 100 staff members have participated in rallies outside of City Hall, traveled to the State Capitol in Albany, called and emailed their elected officials, and participated in legislative meetings as part of the #JustPay campaign to end government-sanctioned poverty level wages for the human services workforce.

  • The Homeless Protection Act

    We are leading the campaign to Pass the Homeless Protection Act (HPA), which would expand New York state hate crime laws to include homelessness as a protected class. Working alongside our partners at Care For the Homeless, we’ve built a coalition of supporting organizations, refined the language of the legislation, published a report on it, and recently organized a Lobby Day in Albany to win support. Our advocates with lived experience are the key drivers behind the campaign to pass the HPA.

Homeless Persons' Memorial Day

Each December, Urban Pathways co-hosts Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day to honor New Yorkers who passed away throughout the year while unstably housed or following the experience of homelessness. The Memorial serves to honor these individuals who may not receive any other memorialization, as well as an opportunity to recommit ourselves in the fight to alleviate homelessness. Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day events take place across the country annually on or near the winter solstice. Our 2023 Memorial was featured in City Limits and ABC News.

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