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Health & WellnessA holistic approach to improving residents’ health

Integrating healthcare into our housing programs helps address the complex needs of the people we serve, many of whom have both medical and behavioral health needs. Providing access to healthcare within housing settings ensures that those we serve are provided with effective treatment plans, which helps to improve their overall well-being. By prioritizing holistic care that addresses both medical and behavioral health concerns, we improve health outcomes, enhance quality of life, and support each person on their path toward long-term recovery.

How We HelpTotal Wellness

The Total Wellness Program offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing the health and well-being of our residents. Through a multifaceted approach, we aim to address immediate health concerns while promoting long-term wellness and resilience.

Connection to community-based sources of healthcare is a key component of the Total Wellness Program. By facilitating access to primary healthcare providers, specialists, and other healthcare services, we ensure that residents receive timely and appropriate care. This improves outcomes by helping to prevent escalation and reducing the need for costly emergency services and treatments.

The Total Wellness Program also places a strong emphasis on health education and promotion. Health Education groups and events provide residents with valuable information on topics like nutrition, exercise, stress management, and chronic disease prevention. These interactive groups help build community while providing participants with practical strategies for adopting healthy habits and making positive lifestyle changes.

Through the Total Wellness Program, residents are also encouraged to take control of their health and overall well-being. This sense of agency helps motivate participants to actively engage in their healthcare decisions while taking proactive steps to improve their quality of life.

Volunteer and Partner Organizations are Essential to our Work

The Total Wellness program leverages valuable connections with community partners to enhance its impact. In the past partner organizations have enhanced staff provided services and added an additional layer of support to the program participants. If you’re interested in interning or volunteering with this program, please reach out.

Corporate Partnerships

Avoiding the Emergency Room

The Total Wellness Program educates residents about the benefits of preventive healthcare, proper utilization of emergency medical services, and the advantages of seeking urgent care when needed. We have seen incremental decreases in unnecessary ER visits. Between 2022 and 2023, the rate of hospital visits that were deemed avoidable decreased by 50%, with 104 in 2022 and 52 in 2023.

Client Stories

Jade’s Journey

For the last 11 years, Jade has built a life grounded in community, with the support of Urban Pathways. Jade and her mother both struggled with mental illness, making it impossible for the two to live together. For many years before coming to Urban Pathways, Jade struggled with the instability ...

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