Urban Pathways partnered with Allure Pharmacy to offer COVID-19 vaccines to clients and staff at our Hughes House supportive-housing residence in the Bronx on January 22nd.

Fifty clients and staff, including clients from other Urban Pathways residences, were vaccinated at the event. Many clients were excited about the event being held at their residence. Avery, a client who has lived at Hughes House for a few months, remarked,

“I am excited that I can get vaccinated today. I have been anxious about getting sick, and this makes me feel more comfortable.”

Urban Pathways, in partnership with various pharmacies and community health centers has held five COVID-19 vaccination drives to date with good turnout from clients and staff. This has been attributed to the many efforts made to raise awareness. “We have had frequent newsletters promoting the events with client and staff feedback, there also have been PowerPoint presentations on the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for clients and staff,” said Nancy Southwell, Deputy Executive Director who oversees Hughes House. Nonprofit human services organizations like Urban Pathways are playing a major role in vaccination efforts as trusted messengers in their communities and are contributing to the City-wide effort to ensure vaccines are being distributed equitably.

While some residents and staff are excited to receive the vaccine, there is still hesitancy in getting vaccinated among others. Some of the reasons given for this hesitancy have been the speed at which the vaccines were developed, concerns about potential side effects, and worries about having an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

The majority of those who do not want to be vaccinated would like to wait and see how it affects others. “I was nervous about the vaccine and being vaccinated today. But because the event was happening here at Hughes House and I saw people getting the shot, I figured I should get it too, and it was painless and I’m fine,” said Henry, a resident at Hughes House.

This hesitancy is why Urban Pathways’ awareness and education campaign is a critical component of our vaccination efforts. It is just as important for clients and staff to have enough knowledge about the vaccine in order to make making an informed decision as it is for them to receive the vaccine itself.

“I think everyone onsite should be vaccinated, but not against their will,” said Anne Hanford, Total Wellness Project Coordinator. “For the people who are still hesitant, I ask them to tell me their concerns.” The same sentiment is echoed by Cherish, Senior Case Manager at Hughes House.

“I was nervous to get the vaccination, but I did my research on it and I tell anyone else to do the same if they are having reservations about getting the vaccine.”

“There are serious benefits to being vaccinated for the population we serve, as many of our clients have chronic health conditions. Also, people who work onsite and have high interactions with the public lessen the risk of transmission by being vaccinated. This is something that makes people more comfortable, and it is for the betterment of society,” said Nancy Southwell.


By Urban Pathways on February 05, 2021