Peter Sandhaus came to the United States in 2001. A former Guest Services Manager at a Lima hotel, Peter had enjoyed his share of excitement—including meeting VIPs like President Carter—but was eager for a new tack. When a job at Urban Pathways came up, he seized it with both hands, despite the comments of naysayers intent on proving to Peter how challenging the job could be.

In the end, Peter did the proving. He demonstrated his dexterity by serving as Director of Operations for several facilities at once and, for almost 16 years now, Peter has kept several of Urban Pathways’ supportive-housing residences operating smoothly. He ensures compliance with City and State regulations and organizational policies and procedures; manages Operations staff; and above all, keeps client safety paramount.

Peter now oversees operations at three facilities: Howard Amron House in East Harlem, and the 105th Street Safe Haven and Cluster House supportive-housing residence, both located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Says Peter, “Buildings never sleep.” Translation: His is a busy job.

Of late, Peter has discerned a silver lining in the gray clouds that covered March, April, and May. The coronavirus pandemic has helped Urban Pathways move forward technologically.

“The entire organization is learning how valuable technology is during these times. We are relying more on technology to complete our daily tasks, including us in Operations.”

In the ongoing flux of the past months, one constant persisted: staff unity. “It feels like we are family,” Peter shares. “We supported and continue to support each other, and leadership has supported us from the beginning.”

Back at work now in person, Peter relishes the moments that make it all worth it. One instance in particular looms large: A new client was moving into his first-ever apartment after years of homelessness. Upon seeing the one-bedroom apartment he’d now call home, the client got down on his knees, gazed up at his benefactors, and said, “Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”