For the last 11 years, Jade has built a life grounded in community, with the support of Urban Pathways.

Jade and her mother both struggled with mental illness, making it impossible for the two to live together. For many years before coming to Urban Pathways, Jade struggled with the instability of being unhoused and the difficulty of navigating a complex medical system. She’d been in and out of many hospitals before arriving at Creedmor Psychiatric Center in Queens, where she felt genuinely cared for by the doctors and psychiatrists on staff, creating a sense of safety. That security, along with her faith, played a pivotal role in leading Jade toward stable housing and her eventual discharge.

Since settling into her studio apartment at Hallet’s Cove in 2012, Jade has cherished the security and comfort that comes with stable housing. Even amid challenges, like the first blizzard she experienced in her new home, Jade found joy in simple pleasures like making snow angels. Urban Pathways’ support has extended beyond what she expected, offering Jade a sense of comfort, respect, and privacy that has profoundly impacted her well-being. From simple things like having her own space and regular trash removal to more significant gestures like prioritizing her safety, Hallet’s Cove has become more than just a home for her – it’s a sanctuary.

In 2015, Jade’s journey took yet another transformative turn when an Urban Pathways employment associate introduced her to peer specialist training at Howie the Harp in Harlem. This opportunity proved instrumental, leading to a three-month internship with Community Access followed by a role as a peer counselor in May 2016.

Today, Jade finds purpose and fulfillment in supporting ten individuals, offering them guidance through weekly calls and monthly visits. She relishes the time spent with those she serves, whether it’s assisting at the library or exploring empowerment centers, finding joy and meaning in making a positive impact.

Days like that are fun days, it’s fulfilling, you feel like you’re really doing something. I like shopping trips, and showing them the empowerment center, outings with clients…

Jade’s roots in Astoria run deep, and she actively engages with her community – attending church, participating in events, nurturing friendships, and staying connected with her mother. Her involvement extends to civic duties like paying taxes, voting, and advocating on behalf of others whose circumstances mirror her own.

It’s so important to have a sense of self-worth.

Despite her gratitude for everything the permanent supportive housing at Hallet’s Cove has provided, Jade eagerly anticipates moving on to secure permanent affordable housing. Astoria is where she’s planted her roots, and while the search for affordable housing in the city remains a challenge, Jade’s hope and determination to continue thriving in her community persist.