Urban Pathways is not just a nonprofit organization serving homeless New Yorkers with housing. The organization is also on the forefront of providing program participants with the tools they need to achieve and sustain independence, stability and wellness as fully integrated members of their communities.

Residents listen to a Nutritionist from The William Ryan Community Health Network 

Residents listen to a Nutritionist from The William Ryan Community Health Network 

One of the many services Urban Pathways offers to our residents is educational workshops. These workshops vary from money management to employment enhancement. Recently one of our more popular workshops has been the nutritional workshops taught by nutritionists from the William F. Ryan Community Health Network.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is put together by Urban Pathways Wellness Coordinators. The workshop goes in depth by explaining what good health is and how that can be accomplished. Teaching the workshop is the Supervisory Health Educator, she goes over what foods are healthy to eat, why they are healthy and what foods are not healthy and the reasons why. On the table where demo’s of common foods that are not good for one’s overall health, the S.H.E. for William Ryan spoke about how these foods contain an excessive amount of sugar, sodium, and cholesterol among other things and how that negatively affects one’s body.

The workshop also explained to participants what healthy foods are and why they are considered good for you. Some clients even had the opportunity to try some healthy snacks. Memorizing the saying “Eat Food- Not Much- Mostly Plants” residents listened as the S.H.E. spoke about the positive nutrients plants provide that how they help maintain our health and well being. Participants learned about good eating habits and where to shop to find healthier alternatives.    

With your help Urban Pathways can continue to provide clients with the support needed to overcome their obstacles and achieve self-sufficiency. We believe that all of our residents have the drive to change their lives for the better. Our job is to bring out that potential; turning it into performance and helping our clients accomplish their goals. 

About Urban Pathways
Urban Pathways is a New York City-based, nonprofit organization that provides housing and support to homeless and at-risk adults throughout the New York Metropolitan area.  Urban Pathways serves more than 2,000 homeless individuals a year and provides transitional, extended stay and permanent housing to chronically homeless individuals. www.urbanpathways.org