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HousingTransformative and holistic solutions

We provide a broad range of safe housing, coupled with critical services and pioneering programs, designed to promote well-being and build community.

Short and long-termSupportive housing

Urban Pathways provides a variety of housing options tailored to meet the many needs of people who have experienced or are at-risk for homelessness. We offer Apartment Treatment, Extended-Stay Community Residence, and Permanent Supportive programs, each uniquely designed to facilitate the transition into and maintenance of stable housing.

  • Apartment Treatment: This program provides structured living arrangements within apartment settings, where people continue to receive comprehensive treatment and support services designed to address mental health, substance use, and other challenges. Participants benefit from a supportive environment that fosters recovery and personal growth.
  • Extended-Stay Community Residence: Our extended-stay residences offer a supportive living environment for an extended period, typically ranging from several months to a year or more. Residents receive intensive individualized case management and access to a range of supportive services to assist in building the skills necessary to move toward longer-term housing.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing: This program offers permanent housing coupled with ongoing supportive services. Residents receive person-centered case management, healthcare coordination, life skills training, and other supportive services tailored to promote housing stability and overall well-being.

Across all our housing programs, we prioritize person-centered case management and connection with complimentary services to address the diverse needs of our residents. Whether residing in congregate residences with onsite rehabilitative and supportive services or scattered-site apartments for those who require less intensive support, our goal remains the same: to empower every person to thrive from the foundation of housing they can truly call their own.

Client Stories

Jade’s Journey

For the last 11 years, Jade has built a life grounded in community, with the support of Urban Pathways. Jade and her mother both struggled with mental illness, making it impossible for the two to live together. For many years before coming to Urban Pathways, Jade struggled with the instability ...

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Groundbreaking ProgramsRapid Rehousing in NYC

Rapid Rehousing is an intervention strategy aimed at quickly moving individuals and experiencing homelessness into permanent housing. It focuses on providing short- to medium-term rental assistance, along with supportive services, to help people re-establish stability from their own home and prevent future homelessness.

The key components of rapid rehousing typically include:

  • Housing Identification: Rapidly identifying and securing suitable housing options in the private rental market, often with the assistance of case managers or housing specialists.
  • Financial Assistance: Providing short-term rental assistance that helps people afford housing costs while they work to stabilize their income.
  • Case Management and Support Services: Offering case management services to address the unique needs of each person, such as employment assistance, access to healthcare, budgeting skills, and connections to community resources.
  • Housing Stability: Emphasizing the importance of helping people maintain housing stability beyond the initial rental assistance period. This may involve ongoing support and follow-up services to address any challenges that arise, helping to prevent a return to homelessness.

In 2024, Urban Pathways will launch Key to Home, an innovative, HUD-funded Rapid Rehousing program that will help 30 unsheltered people move immediately into housing. The program will provide access to private apartments for participants, avoiding lengthy stays in transitional placements during the application process. Residents will also receive ongoing case management and be linked to community resources that empower and enable them to achieve long-term housing stability. Long-term housing subsidization for participants will help ensure affordability long after the initial Rapid Rehousing assistance expires, creating housing stability

Our Housing

The Longacre Stabilization Bed Program

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Crossroads Residence

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New Roads Plaza

An affordable housing building in the Bronx.

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The Residences at Hallet’s Cove

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Howard Amron House

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The Residences at 162nd Street

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Boston Road Apartments

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Clinton Avenue Apartments

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Fairmount Residence

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Hughes House

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Westside Cluster House

Cluster House provides housing for adults ready for discharge from State Psychiatric Hospitals and formerly homeless adults living with serious mental illness

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53rd Street Apartments

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Ivan Shapiro House

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